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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Lets work together


There is always someone willing to help another human being and I will help you
I will not baby sit for you but I will show you the way and set you on your path, three/six months is plenty of time to get you on your feet and up and running in any business and
with a little self development along the way

Three provisions
1 Listen
2 Watch
3 Absorb

Make excuses and you are telling me you have no NEED and only WANT
The WANTS I will not work with
The NEEDS I will
Sincerity/ Desire/Truth/Friendship
This will work for you 24/7

ATTITUDE = A-1 T-20 T-20 I-9 T-20 U-21 D-4 E-5 = 100-%

We can all help each other

Sometimes I am little hard or harsh on my team
There is a good reason for it

7 Tips