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Monday, 18 March 2013



What do I do now? time and time again I have heard and been told that the work place is falling part, jobs are scarce, money is useless ( paper money degrades every day, it is already worthless). I know it's falling apart! I am in it.

Is that you? it was me once upon a time but I kept hearing about the Internet and that there was so much to be made. My kids have a computer Alas I have no idea how to use it nor any knowledge to as to how to create an Income on the Internet.

And even if did know how to use the mouse and send an email, the question is, where do you begin.

The Internet has been going on now for many years and marketers and programmers are out there with stuff to catch you with, some pretty good business's that seem simple and can even look to be free to join (Small print or later when you joined start getting offers before you even begin to get into the business at hand) and worse of all, old business's that are still live but have no support, phones do not work, in fact you just spent $200 on nothing. The guy on the other end says ''thanks'' and no recourse for you.

There are now so many business's on the Internet it is extremely hard to even choose one, especially if you know nothing about marketing, health products, social media, software and the list goes on. becomes the thinking.

I am going to use my personal findings here and then you can decide how to approach creating an Internet income.

Fourteen years ago and without a long story, I decided to look at the Internet for an income. I had no idea what to do or where to go to. Luckily, I did get started in a Network Marketing company and only because my nose was to the ground and my eyes wide open. I was in a territory I knew nothing about and so an open mind was necessary.

It was pure luck that I went to a showground and saw a business card on a car (As were many) I did not realise until a few weeks later I had just walked straight into the world of Network  Marketing
or Multi Level marketing as some call it. And posting of business cards was one way to attract attention to a business (Nothing odd in that really, we all have had fliers on our cars at some point or something through the door selling something)  Only now with the Internet information is flowing in all sorts of places as people spread the word ''Of working for yourself''' ''Work from home''

Anyway back to the crust. Conferences! Meetings! people talking to me on the phone. This is where i began my Journey. With out information from superiors who have experience of a particular business and (Not always) Internet knowledge, you will not succeed. Remember! your life training has always been for the work place for a particular field or you trained for the new one that came along and what came with it, the alarm clock, the clocking in clock and the orders and the loss of full time lifestyle.

The question is! do you want to carry on with what you know already and work hard on the Internet for your own personal business or someone else or are you willing to learn a whole new way of thinking about making money. I can tell you now and of the millions of people on line, working for yourself and creating the lifestyle you have always wanted is the No1 pursuit, for so many.

Earlier I mentioned about working ''Hard'' it is true to say, that is not the attitude to have ''Working Smart'' is the path you should follow, still creating a huge income, but working a whole lot lesser hours so you can spend that money for the very reasons you started looking elsewhere to create it.

OK blah blah who wants to read a ton of info, I want the facts and I want to get going asap. You had your first clues earlier, I hope you picked that up. Let's say you know how to use the Internet and your reasonably savvy all you need is guidance and education. Well back to school for you, this is a whole new industry to get involved in and the largest piece of information i can give you, is to how to understand ''Money''? yes that's correct, the school curriculum does not teach about money, it is unsafe to do so? I am not going to explain that as that is a whole new conversation and one that would knock your socks off and would expose something that you would not like to hear. However I do guarantee that if you keep pursuing self-development you will find out and you will never ever work for anyone else again.

My first trainer to you and world renowned Entrepreneur / Millionaire and trainer is Robert Kiyosaki. His book read by millions even by the wealthy to this day and for ever more ''Rich Dad Poor Dad'' is not a must to read it but a duty to yourself to do so and the let your children read it to and pass down to family, it is one of the most eye opening book's ever written. 

And then I have my own personal mentors who taught me much more in the many fields of Network Marketing. Edward Ludbrook from New Zealand (Who incidentally gave me my first certificate of competency as a Coach to teach others)

The above is just one of so many videos that Ed has done, there is so much to learn from him. His words in this video reflect what I have been partially talking about.

Next is Tom Schrieter or ''Big Al'' as most know him (He is a short fella) many workshops and training with Big Al full of fun but with it comes his way of training, always an enjoyable event.

The above is just a sample of Big Al's training.

Next is someone who I have great admiration for and explains and answers many questions on earning on line and Network Marketing. Tim Sales. you will find many videos on you tube of all the greats in our business. Just start ,watch and learn and then pick your business.

''Copying someone else’s methods is a great place to start and can help to get you going. However, it’s still important that you take massive action, and add your own genius along the way that you can pass on to your own team. A good leader will always share with their team how they do things''

''It is incredibly important that you treat your business as a business. If you treat it like a hobby it will end up costing you money and give you no real results. A hobby is an activity that entertains you, and rarely pays for itself''

''There is no need to worry about ''How to'' we are many and we have all been where you are right now'' Take that step and never look back.

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