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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

How come you know so much

How come I know so much 

I am continually being asked this (How come you know so much) What are they referring to? My computer skills? My knowledge of the Internet? Both actually, read on.

When you first got your hands on a PC or a laptop (Which were never around when I started playing with a computer) whats a mouse? Did you know what to do, what to click, where to go, what to search for, and if you didn't know the question in the first place to ask and so on.

I was never taught by classroom nor a book nor a tutor. I just went in and started clicking things, spent hours looking around the Internet, for what? I have no idea I was just intrigued by it all. And the only PC we had was used for my offline business back in South Africa back in the seventies and the Internet was a bit crude and google? who were they.

My first game was some kind of medieval thing, quite fascinating in those days and I did enjoy getting on the PC to play it after work, mind you guess how many times I crashed the PC because I did something wrong (Wife always got mad at me, being the works computer with everything on it and required the next day).

But I was hooked on this computer stuff but did not really educate myself at the time for it to be of any use to me outside of work. It was not until 20 years later when life changed for us that we bought a brand new PC (Expensive) Windows xp.

To cut a long story short and 20 years later. I decided to get stuck in and learn all I could about the workings of a PC (In general) but most of all learning about the Internet and what it had to offer and I learned a tremendous amount in the following years, made some wing ding disasters on my PC freezing up, being hacked, lost programmes, made blogs and destroyed or they disappeared and the list of disasters kept coming BUT from everything I was learning from the mistakes and with the mistakes came all the answers.

It was coming to a point where I wanted to know how to bring all the information I had absorbed from the Internet and how to use it. There were so many things to learn and to put it all together was my missing ''puzzle bit''.

I just did not know how I could make a living on the Internet without that ''puzzle piece'' until one day I received an email. I opened it and read what was said. I was more than intrigued I was excited!

In the email was a website link (of course) so I clicked and watched the opening video.I knew then after watching another video that my answer to my missing puzzle was right here in front of me via Michael Jones. At last I could go ahead and start my first Internet business and not only that I also created my own website with a health product. I now had all the tools and information at my finger tips.

Since then I have done many others things and have no fear of implementing them.

Knowledge = Income

How true is that!

May I introduce to you Michael Jones