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Come on in and have a laugh

Does it have to be serious ALL the time, have a laugh on me

This has nothing to do with money or any financial info what so ever. So many people around the world just love this TV comedy from Ireland. I have not seen a great comedy like this in years and to make me cry with laughter, it's been a long time. Mrs brown may you live for ever.

I do not know of anyone doing this on there blog especially as this blog is about helping people financially, maybe it's worth a few moments to reflect on some of the nicer things in life that we all need. LAUGHTER!

Come in and wet your pants on this one a 2 hr sketch 
with Mrs Browns boys at the hydro in Scotland
Had me in tears

The elevator 


The Applicant

The condom

The misunderstanding

Ken and Barby


The Mormans (Norman)

Dell boy classics

In memory