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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

OnlineSalesPro - 100 day video challenge - Gerald ballantyne

OnlineSalesPro - 100 day video challenge - Gerald ballantyne

All 100 videos will be posted here daily

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Everyone wants traffic = leads = Customers = money
1. Why am I pushing Online Sales pro
A. It has everything a marketer needs to boost his/her business or someone else's
2. This is not MLM or Network Marketing
A. There is, no 2 up or a matrix or a cycler or any kind of ponzi business here
3. I am not offering money or I am going to make you pots of money
A. There is money here.
4. This is a product platform for all business, any kind of business, you want to sell your car, you can do it. Want build a business within a business, you can do that as well. Want to sell Jewelry online or promote your own Bit coin company. Works for any Brick and Morter as well.
A. This platform is for you, built for you.
5. There is a monthly, of course, there would be, there is a lot here (watch the video)
A. Monthly spend $37 for the use of a multiple thousands of dollar platform built for marketer's
6. Find 2 people who want marketing tools, and help in getting leads and training so they are not floundering on what to do next. And the whole platform becomes completely free to you. (Watch the video tells all) newbies would be just plum crazy not to join. 
They/You need this. 
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