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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Join the free Internet movement

Join the free Internet movement

At no cost to you - Get paid for sharing

The people at CommHubb have a mission. Not only are they going to occupy the Internet, they plan on making sure that people, and not corporations or politicians, will own and control the Internet! And they seem to be succeeding so far supported by the fact that over 10,000 “member/owners” have joined the effort in just its’ first 10 days of operation.
Vashek Mohr, one of three “senior” Founder’s, sums it up as follows, “I’m 63 years old, semi-retired, and I have the expertise and the time to make this happen!” says Mohr. “Watching the Internet being controlled and manipulated by the greedy and corrupt is what inspired me to do this. We have to make changes before it is too late!”
But what changes are necessary? CommHubb’s creed gives some insight as to their objectives and the changes needed. It says:
The Internet was created by people and it was created for people. In addition to almost all the knowledge in the world, it now contains the very essence of humanity i.e. our successes and failures; our hopes and dreams; our nightmares and more.
We believe the global Internet should ONLY be owned and controlled by the people of the world, as a whole, instead of oligarchies, corporations, and politicians.
Therefore we can not - we must not - ever allow one person, or one group, to obtain any amount of control over the Internet. The results could be disastrous for all of humanity.
CommHubb was created for two reasons. The first is to Occupy the Internet. The second is to ensure that people, not greed and corruption, will own and control the Internet.
And you may, rightfully so, be wondering just how CommHubb plans to accomplish this. “The Internet thrives on advertising revenues. People generate those revenues. Therefore people have the power to effect change. We will use people power to make this happen.” Mohr continued. “Just picture tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people around the world coming together, as one, and saying that the Internet belongs to them! Once we accomplish that, then we will do an Initial Public Offering and begin building and/or acquiring our own free, worldwide, high speed, ISP that will be 100% owned and controlled by people.”
“We encourage everyone to join with us. We’ll give you 5 shares of stock and 5 units of profit sharing just for joining – no catch. We want everyone to be an owner as well. We even offer the opportunity to earn more money, stock, profit sharing, and it’s all 100% free.” added Mohr. “This will truly belong to the people!”
The three CommHubb partners are all over 60 and “semi-retired”. They plan on managing the growth of CommHubb for “not more than 2 years or so and then turn it over to the younger tigers” and then officially retire. For their efforts, the 3 partners will receive a whopping 3%, 1%, and 1% of the new corporation. And since this innovative program was created and fully funded by these three - that seems to be quite a bargain. 
Corporate update
Welcome to all of our new member/owners! We have hit over 45,000 member/owners in our first 18 days! That is a good start but we have a long way to go. Let me tell you what we have planned.

I am the "expert" in Corporate Finance. It's been a while (20 years) but the principle is the same - the laws just change. When I said that we can do an Initial Public Offering, I meant just that and it's actually quite easy. Let's assume that we manage to get just 10 million people to join. That will virtually assure us of an IPO in the $10-20 MILLION DOLLAR range. Can you imagine if we get 50 million people or more to join? Then we would be looking at an IPO well over $100 MILLION DOLLARS. And there's more.

Now let your imagination go free for a minute. Let's say that CommHubb goes viral because everyone decides that they really would like FREE HIGH SPEED INTERNET, ownership in the company, and the chance to get paid too (profit sharing). And let's assume we get hundreds of millions to join. We would be looking at the BIGGEST INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING OF ALL TIME! How big? Does the term BILLIONS OF DOLLARS stagger you? If we go viral - and everyone sees that we are trying to help them - then this is completely possible!

What does that mean for you? It means that the shares of stock you have could be worth $20 a share. It means that you will start getting BIG profit shares. It means that the company you are part/owner of will be a multi-billion dollar Internet Service Provider. And it means that CommHubb begins to either purchase or build it's ISP system with the ultimate goal of putting the global internet in YOUR hands.

As you can see, the more people we get to join, the more funds will come from the IPO. Now, some of you may be wondering about the downside. What if we can't get anyone (a bank or brokerage) to do an IPO for us? That will never happen but if it does, we have a contingency. We will do a self-IPO. We will underwrite it and establish the market ourselves. It's totally legal and would actually save the company a lot of money. Either way - we have it planned out! An IPO within 2 years!

Okay - but what if we only get 2 or 3 million to join. Are we a failure? No! Then we could do a smaller IPO in the $1 MILLION DOLLAR range which would give us enough capital to pursue a very aggressive ad campaign for a larger IPO within 2 years after the smaller one. We made sure that we covered all of the bases as you can see.

As for me and my 2 partners - we will stay until the IPO is done - and that's it. I get 3% of CommHubb and they get 1% each for over a year of effort and over $20,000 in expenses. We believe that is more than fair. I am 63 years old and wish to retire. In fact I did retire before this program, and the desperate need for it, came to mind. CommHubb will have all new blood running everything after the IPO. We will get some of the best talent in the world to take over and make it work! I will stay as a "monitor" to be sure that the program stays intact and independent.

As you can see - we have been very truthful about everything so far and will continue to be. We will maintain 100% transparency to our member/owners at all times. And now you can all see that we also told the truth about sending you any emails - we didn't! Every week or two we will send you a Corporate Update just like this since you are part owner of CommHubb

We are still behind on emails but we will get to them all - I promise. Commissions get paid on the 5th of every month and we have quite a few to payout. Be sure to get your fair share of money and stock (especially)!

I hate to say it but we had some cheaters who were suspended. They used false methods to generate fake referrals so they could get money and stock. We consider that stealing from our member/owners and will not tolerate that at all. If you cheated, let us know and we will correct that and not penalize you. Otherwise we will find you and suspend you and then you get nothing. That's all for now. Onward and upward!

Vashek Mohr - Temporary Corporate Manager
PS: Please try to get everyone that you know involved. Add us to Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can now see that we are very legit. Let's do this together! If we can get to 1 MILLION member/owners very quickly, a lot of very influential people will take notice and we could generate a lot of free media coverage i.e. GO VIRAL!

At no cost to you - Get paid for sharing

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Bitcoin hacking / key logging theft

Bitcoin hacking / key logging theft

Is Your Data Safe?




RANSOMWARE! This Emerging Epidemic Is Expected To Increase 250% or More in 2016:

Hackers Are Transporting "RANSOMWARE" VIRUSES using


To Lock Victims Out of Their Computers And Mobile Devices. These Hackers Demand
Financial Payment From Their Victims To Unlock And Return Access To Their Computer or Mobile Device.
Hackers Threaten To Delete The Victims Files By A Certain Date If The RANSOM PAYMENT In Not Made.

Are You Willing To Place ALL Your Trust & Confidence

In Your Anti-Virus Program And Risk Losing ALL Your

Private Personal & Business Data?

Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. As such, it is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt banks. With Bitcoin, you can be your own bank.

But what use is it if there is no safe place to look after your hard earned Bitcoin

Is the answer

Get your Keep key Now

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Traffic Monsoon (How does it work)

Traffic Monsoon (How does it work)

How To *Correctly* Explain How Traffic Monsoon Works
Basically, people can click through the traffic exchange to earn free adverting credits. People can click on cash links to earn money, and refer others to click on cash links and earn referral cash from each referral click as long as the sponsor has clicked a minimum of 10 ads in the traffic exchange to qualify for referral cash link click earnings. There's no purchase requirement for earning from referral cash links clicks, and no purchase & no click requirement for earning referral purchase commissions. Anyone can surf and never purchase anything and still receive unlimited advertising credits for clicking through the traffic exchange.
If people don't want to surf to earn credits, they can spend money to receive ad service. The revenue from the purchase gets shared with people who have purchased adpacks and qualify through clicking ads to share in revenues. An adpack gives visitor credits through the traffic exchange, banner click credits, and a sharing position. Sharing positions will receive a max of $55.00. There is no set amount these positions receive in a day, and no guarantee the positiosn would ever reach their max. It's completely related to sales of services, and only revenue which has come from advertising sales get shared with those who have qualified. There are multiple services being offered which provide the buyer an ad service, and the revenues from each of these purchases are shared.. and a portion of each purchase goes into reserve.
Get Visitors To Your Website
Advertising your website can increase visitors. If you are a blogger it can increase the number of readers you have. If you are selling something online it can increase the number of potential customers you have.
Earn an income by telling others about the services
Earn an income by telling people to sign-up free and click on cash links.
With AdPacks you receive sharing positions. You can qualify to share in site revenues through clicking a minimum of 10 ads in the traffic exchange.
You can surf an unlimited number of sites and receive an unlimited number of ad credits to be assigned to your ad campaigns.
If you are telling people to "put in" $50 and get out "$55" in ANY time frame-- this is absolutely WRONG. It's not how it works. No one is "putting in" money or "depositing" money. The services we offer are for SALE if people PURCHASE the services. Please DO NOT position traffic monsoon as any sort of investment, because that is NOT what Traffic Monsoon offers. Traffic Monsoon ONLY offers ad services, and since the VALUE of our advertising is membership driven, the revenues from the ad purchases are shared with the members. When you qualify for sharing, there is no guaranteed amount you will receive in a day, and no guarantee (implied or otherwise) that your positions will receive a max of $55. In fact, our ad plans page specifically informs the buyer, "Reaching this maximum is not guaranteed, or affixed to any time frame. It's completely reliant upon sales of services, and you being qualified."

Does it work?
$50 for a bought package
$12594.98 later

Do I withdraw?

My account is small compared to many others out there. Will I ever see 1 million dollars+ in my account?

That is not even a question
That is a guarantee

Contact me skype gerald.longman
or email me

Why TM is NOT a Ponzi or an Investment by Charles
Charles Scoville posted
June 6th 11.14a.m
Have you ever felt stuck when someone tries to convince you TM is a ponzi?
Review the following details on this page:
What is a Ponzi scheme?
A Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud that involves the payment of purported returns to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors. Ponzi scheme organizers often solicit new investors by promising to invest funds in opportunities claimed to generate high returns with little or no risk. In many Ponzi schemes, the fraudsters focus on attracting new money to make promised payments to earlier-stage investors to create the false appearance that investors are profiting from a legitimate business.
Let's cross reference with what's displayed on this page:
Does traffic monsoon offer an investment? No. Specifically, the page indicates we do not sell shares. We sell only ad service. Additionally, the word "invest" is not found on this (or any page) page at all except by firmly declaring traffic monsoon services are not an investment.
Furthermore, in the terms of service (which every member agrees to upon sign-up) it states, "TrafficMonsoon registered as a limited liability company and not a bank nor a security firm. A purchase of advertising service with us is not considered a deposit, nor investment."
Even more: on the purchase page, it clearly is noted that a purchase of ad service is not an investment.
So it can completely be concluded that Traffic Monsoon is not offering any form of investment.
Fraud is a deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain.
Looking at the ad plans page on traffic monsoon, it clearly displays that when someone buys an adpack, they will receive, "20 clicks to your banner, 1,000 traffic exchange credits, and a revenue sharing position"
On the purchase page it is even more clear to say, "20 Pay Per Click Banner Credits, 1000 Traffic Exchange Credits, and 1 revenue sharing position."
There is no deception there. This is actually what people receive.
All the other services on the ad plans page describe exactly what the buyer receives, and when a purchase is made the buyer does actually receive what they have selected and paid for.
So it can completely be concluded that there is not any fraud on Traffic Monsoon.
So the first part of this definition on SEC's website is cleared. Traffic Monsoon clearly is not any form of investment fraud, because it is neither fraud, and also not an investment.
Let's look at the next part of the definition: High Returns with little or no risk.
Looking at Traffic Monsoon's website, there is no promise of high returns. In fact, there is no promise of any return, and no promise of any income. From the ad plans page it says,
"When you click a minimum of 10 ads in our traffic exchange and remain on the websites for 20 seconds each, you'll qualify yourself for 24 hours to share in site profits.
"As long as you are qualified, each sharing position you receive with your AdPack Combo purchase will continue to share in revenues up to $55.00. Reaching this maximum is not guaranteed, or affixed to any time frame. It's completely reliant upon sales of services, and you being qualified."
This clearly identifies that active surfers in the traffic exchange who have purchased adpacks could qualify to share in the site revenues. This is effort related. The service is there, and that's what people pay for. If they choose to actively click at least a minimum number of ads through the traffic exchange, they can qualify to earn some money towards their sharing positions up to $55. There is no guaranteed amount anyone would receive, and certainly no time frame given when any amount would be given. It also clearly explains that there is no guarantee the max would ever be reached, because the system will share only real revenues.
purported = appear to be something true, but actually be false.
Each balance showing earnings within a traffic monsoon account is backed up by real and actual money held within the payment processing gateways. Each amount earned is real.
As any business, traffic monsoon's goal is to sell and provide advertising services. Earnings are rewarded to someone who has referred a customer who purchases the ad service (10% sales commission). Revenues shared only are shared from actual and real revenues with those who have active positions, and who have viewed a minimum number of ads in the traffic exchange for that day.
This means there is never going to be a collapse.
In a ponzi, a collapse occurs when the earnings are not legitimate. The money is not really there. In other words, new sales pay for old earnings. In a ponzi with guaranteed purported returns, a system is created to make it appear someone is receiving something as a return for an investment which actually isn't what they are actually receiving. When a large number of people request to be paid, the ponzi cannot pay them.
In traffic monsoon, (clear distinction that it's not a ponzi) a collapse couldn't possibly occur, because the money earned is already really there. Whatever services are sold really generate a true and real amount of revenue, which is only shared 24 hours or more after the sale is generated for a service.
If 100% of the members asked to be paid today, they would all be paid -- the only reason people can't be paid right now on pending balances is because of the paypal limitation which is causing a temporary hold on the funds for 180 days.
There's no investment, no promise of returns, only advertising services are offered on traffic monsoon, clear definitions of each service being offered, exactly what is described is provided to the buyer, clear outline of how everything works, and every bit of money someone has earned is fully backed up with real money.
Let's review the red flags:
- Does traffic monsoon offer high investment returns with little or no risk? Is there guarantees of income? No.
As stated in the terms of service, "You agree to hold TrafficMonsoon harmless from any loss and / or liability to your purchase, therefore do not purchase services that you can not afford to pay for, as you are spending it at your own risk."
Additionally, in the terms of service it states, "You agree that we cannot guarantee results for your campaigns, but we can only ensure that you're able to receive all the visitors you've paid for. Results of campaigns vary upon the visitor's personal needs, and whether your offer adequately communicates ability to meet their need."
Not only does traffic monsoon not offer high investment returns without risk, but there is absolutely no guarantee of income, and no guarantees of advertising results.
- Does traffic monsoon have overly consistent returns?
Absolutely not. First of all, there are no "returns" on traffic monsoon. When someone buys a service, they receive the service they have selected and paid for. When someone qualifies to share in revenues, they are receiving a portion of revenues from the sales which have been generated. The amount shared certainly goes up or down depending upon sales of services. Only real money is shared with those who have actively clicked the minimum number of ads in the traffic exchange.
- Is traffic monsoon an unregistered investment?
Well, it's not an investment. It's a registered business, which has been registered as an advertising company. That's what is offered on traffic monsoon; advertising services.
- Unlicensed Sellers?
Traffic Monsoon does have a business license, and there is no license required for selling advertising services online.
- Secretive and/or complex strategies?
Everything is completely clear. How the revenue sharing works has been described clearly on the ad plans page, plus additionally within this video:
It's definitely no secret how traffic monsoon works. It's not complicated. It's actually very quite simple.
- Issues with paperwork?
All information has been clearly displayed. Account balance details for each member account are very clear, and available by clicking "My Balance History" within the member back office.
Also, from time to time, I have released full view how much money is contained within each payment processor account completely (and more than) covers the total balances within all member accounts combined.
- Difficulty Receiving Payments?
No problems ever existed until PayPal chose to part ways with Traffic Monsoon, and are temporarily holding the funds to pay people 180 days.
I hope this helps clarify things.