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Monday, 18 March 2013

Just do it

How many of us have stories of strife and 
woe is me forever there after

I talk to so many people who spend most of their lives reflecting on the past that no longer exists, other than a memory. Our brain is a bank of everything we have ever absorbed and been taught, which is good, otherwise we would be in big trouble. It also has the ability to remember all the pain, all the hurt, all the failures of your past life. Something we have to live with and accept.

However that does not mean you cannot go forward and expand yourself to greater things by shear will and determination. You can either make a choice (which is something only you can do) or dwell in self pity and incapability until you die.

Millions of people do exactly that, you hear it from them on a daily basis complaining and moaning about this and that and if that is not enough they will also talk about others and there problems and share it? what madness is this. 

How can one move forward to better ones self is entirely up to the individual to seek the way and to look to others for inspiration and ideas. It is not easy to take a new path or change ones mind set. Many of us have chosen the hard road to climb out of the old self and into a new one. 

People don't like change, it erks them to have to change things, no matter how bad things are, and this is where only successful people who want to get ahead and become something greater than yesterday.

I am not here to talk about human frailty or how to change ones self esteem but for you to take note of this video.

If you laugh, if you scoff or just turn it off, that is your concern. The lesson is simple!

So lets here your excuse