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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Ponzi scheme for dummies

Ponzi scheme for dummies

Nine months ago I joined a ponzi the ponzi is so good it has changed peoples lives. We were told by hundreds hundreds of people that it was a ponzi so I stayed and so did some of my colleagues, there doing well in the ponzi some have not bothered and have stopped building because of paypal (which ends in early August) and everyone will be happy.
Now all those who said it was a ponzi have now lost thousands of dollars and their wallets are empty now and looking for that next best ponzi that they will leave.
Become a ponzi wealth star, your friends will love you for showing them this ponzi that even a monkey can do.
We have been told hamsters can do this as well, not seen it myself but you know the Internet full of BS sometimes.
I am now looking for more monkeys to help and come join the troop. You can contact me on FB for Banana's, see you there. or just go straight to the cage and lock yourself in let me know when your done and we can then go play in the trees together after I have trained you.

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