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Monday, 13 June 2016

How many people out there have no clue what to do on the Internet when it comes to earning on line

How many people out there have no clue what 
to do on the Internet when it comes to earning on line

Where on earth do you start working on line, what do you look for, who or what do you join, who or what do you trust, you have been already warned about scams, bogus business and the list goes on because your friends have told you so much that you are now completely lost and even worried about having ago.

I am happy to say that if you have arrived at my blog then you have found that one place where your going to find a lot of help a lot of assistance and do you know why I am the answer to all that you require to make a living on line and how can I say so boldly so?

So that you may become a very good friend 

What I am offering you maybe just what it is you require and if we have a good partnership together we both will make some very good money together and you will talk about me and share and I will share your thoughts and success with others, it is a two way street.

One of the first things you will probably look into is mlm or network marketing business's and that is quite normal you were probably told that is what you could look at by others in the business but ask yourself this, what do I FEEL like doing, what am I PASSIONATE about, if you think like that you could be a lot closer to knowing what you wish to do on line.

When we joined a Network marketing company here in the UK we struck lucky first time around and had 10 years in it earning, learning and growing. That does not happen to a lot of people and what we did in that business is a bit different than on line although you need to learn more skills, well that was fine, we were used to coming out of comfort zone and learning new stuff.

Be prepared to learn because what you have known before will have no use where we are going and if you are a seasoned Network marketer you are still going to do more and maybe stuff you have ignored before. There is a big difference between putting a poster on a telegraph pole and creating a google ad word campaign.

Anyone arriving and reading this post be warned the road is rosy but you are going to work for it. And remember I have been where you have been or are, there is not much you can hide from me either, everything soon rises to the surface and becomes exposed.

Now one question  and it comes up often ''Do I need a blog or website'' Yes you will, you will learn skills that will require a blog or website. I have this blog because I love doing stuff and learning, I never stop learning. So YES you do. But Hey! you are the future of yourself why not have a go, there are plenty websites where you can build a site in 1 hour just to get started have a good site for that. I love the saying ''Earn and learn'' or ''Learn and and earn''. Do not worry I am here to help. And you blog will never look like mine, your going for simplicity first, what you do after that is up to you.

Ok so nice post ''Now what''? well I am about to go on a Journey and I am asking if you would like to join me. After 16 years online and made some money I am not rich (I bet you heard you could get rich on the Internet) yes you can but it takes time and knowledge and money and if you choose the wrong paths on line as I have done then you will be wasting a lot of time in searching for riches on the Internet. There is no need for you to make the same mistakes.

I do have other business running and they are doing fine and at the moment pay the bills and some luxuries but I am after the BIG business ''You just received $10000 sale''

I think this is something you might be interested in. I know we are, high earning products are the answer to getting the money quicker this is known as affiliate marketing and you will come across it. Selling other people products is genuine and probably the most legal way of earning money on the internet

Do not get me wrong though, Network marketing and its companies, and there are many out there and as I said ''One of them could be your passion'' this could be your way to go but fair warning the big companies are there and so are thousands of people in them and to be successful in them you need to be the go getter otherwise you are not going to make it.

I can talk on and on here but I do not want to bore you, you are here because you are looking so let's get focused and let me know what you are thinking and where are you in your life that you want to make some drastic changes.

What do you want to earn
$29.99 or $10000.00 for one sale
Over and over

Skype gerald.longman

 I need to know where your mindset is so you can email me with just a few lines, like 
'''I/we are not earning''
''I/we do not know enough to earn good money''
''Not enough knowledge''
or just simply

Email me at
(This is not the same as filling in the form so do that as well)

Do you want to be on a list ready and waiting for what I am going to be offering
everyone as soon as I get the word GO!

If you have hesitation then just look at what Richard Branson says on the images in the slider and right hand section. He is right.

You are going to require training and tools if you want that $10000 sale over and over

The cost to join will be $49 and what you will get for that is simply out standing.

You are going to become smart and clever and use your on line time to it's maximum benefit

Fill in your details on the pop up and you will be added to the waiting list
As you will be waiting I will keep you updated with what is going on

So get on board, fill that form.

Catch you later.


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