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Monday, 27 May 2013

I am looking for failures

I am looking for failures

It is said that Edison failed thousands of times to get the right formula to create a light that would last. We now know that is incorrect, what Edison did do was to find thousands of ways on how it would not work.

How many of us fail in life so many times, plenty of us do and we use every excuse under the sun to explain away ''It wasn't me''

I have called this the ''Failures'' post. I think it would be a good for you to watch all these failures and maybe see if you can familiarise yourself with any of them.

Remember this is just for the failures not for the winners and the successful

Lets face it you didnt find anything did you, everyone in here failed in something and yet upon those failures they did not listen to what others said, they just went ahead and did what they wanted until they got what they wanted. Which between me and you who cares a dam what other people think.

There are thousands of naysayers out there and dream stealers, they will give you there best advice and tell you ''It aint worth it'' ''Others have tried'' ''Your wasting your time''

How can anyone listen to a loser. Successful people talk to successful people, it sure is not the other way around.

Now go and be you.

Note: If you read this post then you have been recorded as done so for all to see in the statistics of this site, what we don't know is ''who you are'' So before you go may I congratulate you for having the time and making an effort to get yourself some motivation and maybe have picked up some pointers from the videos and If I can be of any help please please contact me.There are other pages on this site that may also assist you in becoming a free spirit and to remove you from what ever that is holding you back.

Your Friend

Gerald Ballantyne