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Monday, 13 May 2013

When I saw this..... That is so true

When I saw this. That is so true

 This is so true

Everybody’s idea of fun is different. There is the type of fun that people have when they are playing games or going to amusement parks or concerts, and there is the type of fun that people have when they are doing something that they are passionate about, something they love, something they could do day in and day out. Building a great business requires commitment and a tremendous amount of time. In order to succeed long term, you must love what you do. In other words, it must be fun, in the second sense of the word.

If you find something that you love to do and you do it (and do it again and again), success will follow. Michelangelo, for instance, found his passion for sculpting and painting at a very young age. He would skip school as a young boy, so that he could watch painters at a nearby church, drawing what he saw there. By the age of 13 he had been given his first apprenticeship as an artist and by 16 had created two of the world’s most famous sculptures. At 26 he began working on The David. He created a make-shift “laboratory” where the 17 foot chunk of marble was his focus. He insisted on working alone and basically locked himself up for nearly 3 years, eating by the statue and sleeping very little on the floor next to it, so that he could work day and night. For many people this scenario would be hellish. Interestingly, and not surprising to me, this was a happy time for him. He was passionate about what he was doing and was consumed by it.

The result was one of the most celebrated and revered creations of all time. To Be The Top, You Must Be Laser-Focused and Consumed by What You Do Michelangelo’s story is similar to anyone who has achieved the highest level of success at anything, whether it is in sports, business, art, entertainment, architecture, or science. You name it, and I will show you that the top people in that field are those who are laser- focused and consumed by what they do.

Michael Jordan didn’t just play a little basketball to become one of the greatest players of all time. No, he played A LOT of basketball. Richard Branson didn’t put 30 or 40 hours a week in when he was building Virgin. He put in as many hours as it took to get the job done. Ray Kroc didn’t talk to 1 person, or even a few, in order to get support for his idea. He spoke to hundreds, most telling him that it wouldn’t work. I could give example after example. In “Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell says that for a person to become a master at what they do, or an Outlier, they need to spend 10,000 hours doing it. That 10,000 mark seems to be the turning point, whether you are Bill Gates as a programmer or Michael Jackson as a dancer/ performer. A person becomes a master when their enjoyment goes beyond a love for what they are doing and evolves into a passion for what they are becoming.

The hours I am spending on my business is creating so much momentum and to think some years ago I was not sure I could do this  (Working on line and building relationships with so many). The Internet is a awesome place to work BECAUSE YOU ARE IN CHARGE and no one else can push you from your path to fulfilment.