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Thursday, 6 June 2013

How to get depressed, deliberately

How to get depressed, deliberately

I picked up a newspaper, which I never ever do. When was the last time I bought a newspaper, hard to think when that was, but I know it was years ago.

What is a newspaper, well we know its made of paper and written all over each page is information. Information on what? I stopped reading newspapers purely because of the information in it is either of no relevance to me personally or its just junk to me. Ok so it tells me what is going on in the world and in my town maybe.

Lets go through the one I have and see what is good for me to read and what is not worth a cent.

64 pages. How time consuming.

Page 1.
HIV again!! They think they have found a chink in the armour? Ok this is good news for many. Ill give that a PLUS / Britain's Hungry? 500,000 on food bank. NEGATIVE / Councils beat bedroom tax. NEGATIVE / Taliban, oh no not again. NEGATIVE / Face book sexists PLUS

Page 2 
OMG look at this. Bomb Kills - HMRC in court - Eight on trial - Painkillers and heart attacks - Syria - Trade unions - Anti-fascists - Adverts. NEGATIVE the whole page.

Page 3 
German pencil up his nose - Supermarkets, who has the best tea - Man crashed car while having sex - About Glasses ( The ones you wear) - A letter from the editor (Yawn) - Adverts NEGATIVE the whole page.

Page 4
Hospitals turn patients away - Mi5 Mi6 access to public Internet - The starving Britons story - And that's it. NEGATIVE the whole page

Page 5
First gay marriage - Bedroom tax story - High St sales drop -  Advert - NEGATIVE the whole page

Page 6
Anti-fascists groups - Muslim arrested Immigration - Immigration causing harm to UK economy
NEGATIVE the whole page

Page 7
UK has biggest Co 2 in Europe - Global warming is a natural phase - Murder trial - Adverts NEGATIVE the whole page

Detention of detainees - Taliban - And more Taliban - One big advert NEGATIVE the whole page

HIV story - Gas explosion - Energy scam £900million - Another big ad NEGATIVE the whole page

Strikes - Man found guilty of murder - The Brits love Boris - Another big ad NEGATIVE the whole page

Page 11
Seven boys on trial - Public enemy caught after jail break - Big ad NEGATIVE the whole page

Fifty three pages to go NOT A CHANCE I am out of here.

This is what the majority of people do on a daily basis BUY the newspaper. For what? information? what is the reason to fill our heads with so much stuff, to keep us informed of what is going on in the world or on the high street? or is there something going on that we do not know about. I already know the answer to that. Lets face it if you can do something about it all well and good, but we know we can't. We can read but we are not allowed to do anything. Blah blah blah and so on.

Why would I start my day filling my brain with stuff that mentally is UN-stimulating and would most certainly have some kind of affect on me during the day and how I think.

I do not need stuff that to me is completely useless. Do not get me wrong, the HIV story is a good one but then so is cancer. Pity though that they don't use what is already available in nature.

 Could anyone create a newspaper that only showed the good things in life
Of course not, that would be stupid. Perpetual misery creates more impact on our emotions than remembering happy memories = Sales = Profit