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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Split testing, is it worth it?

Split testing, is it worth it?

Split testing, is it worth it?
Have you ever placed an ad online or even in a newspaper. I have and the response can vary and only the right eyes that look at the ad may buy what you are selling it could also show 100 or even a 1000 people interested in what you are selling and if it is a single product and a one off then it is sold, end of story. But what if it is multiple products that millions could buy, you would want as many buyers as possible, that is the idea of advertising and doing it well and making a lot of profit. Split testing is worth it, what do I mean?

Here are two ads
  1. For sale, paperback book on how to buy your dream car within six months Telephone 123456789
  2. Hurry while stocks last, your dream car in six months Visit http;//

 Which one did you choose? I chose the second one and why? The first ad had no call to action as like the 2nd ad ''Hurry while stocks last'' I have no idea what the ''Stock '' was but what ever it is if I want the information then I had best act fast. Also the fact that I could have my dream car in six months coupled with urgency, excited me. It also had a website for me to take a look.

Emotions can play a big part in ad creation and getting people to react. In the first ad I already knew it was a paperback book and that I could probably buy it at anytime, I was not looking for a dream car at the time of seeing the ad (Although it would be nice at some point) my reaction is not to click or call just in case there was a salesman on the other side. I think you would agree the 2nd ad won hands down.
  1. Information ad
  2. Action ad 
One of the biggest failings for anyone or any company is not implementing ''Split testing'' it could be an ad or a web form or a video or even colour. There is no guarantee of any sale of product or service unless testing is done first. I have done this on Face Book ads and the result was quite amazing.

My first ad was costing me $1.73 per click this kind of cost could and would most likely cost more than the product I was selling . This is where people give up FB Ads, I see it all the time, ''Fb ads do not work, to expensive'' if that were true then how is it possible that Face Book make millions of dollars on advertising, it certainly is not because of ''Suckers''. With some tweaking I actually got my clicks down to .05 of a cent and then a little birdy showed me something else I actually got down to .004 of a cent I still have to get that down to .0002 just a couple more tweaks to do  (That was other information and not so much about split testing, just another method of getting lower cost clicks, which I am not discussing here.

So I had proven split testing is very important for profit gain or ''ROI'' no one wants to spend more than the cost of product or service, if you spend $1000 on advertising and your ''ROI'' is $3000 for every $1000 spent, then you have hit the mother load.
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