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Monday, 16 November 2015

Leads Leads Leads how on earth do I get people to see my business

Leads Leads Leads 
How on earth do I get people to see my business

So frustrating

Over 85 million plus people are on line and in business including me, that is 85 million looking for people who would like to find interested persons to like and join their business.

Sounds horrendous and a very difficult task, well not really.

Consider the Internet firstly. It never existed as we know it today and yet thousands were already building work from home business's and they had it even harder to build. It meant a lot of talking (Called the 3 ft rule) business cards, posters, meetings inc home meetings, radio broadcasts etc. Basically it was all word of mouth and how do you get someone in Taiwan to join your business.

Today the Internet has opened the flood gates to the masses inc Taiwan. No longer stifled and walled in. Marketers and all business can now work around the world in LIGHTNING speed.

It has created a whole new world of ecommerce worth billions of dollars and many of the big corporate giants have grown thanks to the Internet.

So now we have the Internet and there is you and me, not billionaires not millionaires and for so many maybe not even a few hundred dollars to spend on advertising budgets.

Many many many people who cannot talk to people face to face about their own business which they love and enjoy, cannot share it because of fear (Been there done that) I learnt a long time ago these words ''Feel the fear and do it anyway'' it worked.

A disability maybe the cause although I must admit I have known deaf blind and dyslexic people become very successful in Network marketing.

So it really is up to the individual to do what it takes to succeed even if it does take us out of the comfort zone. 

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