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Friday, 27 November 2015

Give a lot - To get a lot

Give a lot - To get a lot

I am a foot soldier / I walked the streets / I knocked on doors
I sold my products / I got happy customers / I got paid profit
I increased my customer base every where I went
I showed others how to do the same
My customer base shrank
My time got less in working the business
My profit began to climber even higher
I gave it my best and received reward for my best
I gave a lot and I got a lot


In my early Network marketing days that was how I created my first business
10 years foot slogging and coaching others to do the same

And then came along the Internet a whole new world where I could carry on my Networking business without walking, getting wet, loosing catalogues, complaints and the pleasure of looking out my window with the mountains in view drinking tea.

I knew nothing about on-line business, where do I start, what do I look for and the hardest bit, who, where and how do I find customers. I had no website or even a blog, what were they.

I had to find a way to earn an income and it all started with Guru's oh yes those smart marketers who know how to get in your mind ''Join for only a dollar'' and then once inside boom $49.99 here and then do this for  $97 there and you will become rich. Bah humbug.

And then the websites join for $20 a month (The worst of the kind, while you struggle to fathom it all out, your bank account is being hit every month) we will supply you all the tools and you go do the work, the only problem was most of the tools were junk and never worked and also you were put completely out of your KNOW zone it was how I was supposed to use the tools effectively and too stuff, I knew nothing about (Write an article huh?) Learn HTML Huh? and so on. If you have any issues ''Contact support'' yeah sure I will, the only problem is that the self making money website works on auto pilot and support is no longer there. 

BEWARE THERE STILL OUT THERE. Including old Ebooks and old software and the old and new crooks.

I have to start some where. This was a complete new way of earning on line and it was not going to be easy. I guessed that my first option was to learn about websites and create my own and very basic in those days. That was all cool and I enjoyed doing stuff, apart from frustrating it was also fun and rewarding. 

Money, I was still not earning cash in the pocket and like many others on the Internet started joining other people's business's to earn something, never did make a lot and one biz I did join pulled out of the UK and another that lasted 3 years took me for $175000 in virtual money as it turned out to be a big fat ponzi and yet again another took $5000 from me and I was not the only one, mine was just a small account.

Anyway after a long learning curve and mistakes I have finally found what does not work and what does not and a very big lesson came to me..
If you wish to succeed you must  GIVE A LOT - TO GET A LOT I certainly did that alright.

Over and over I was seeing ''Build yourself a list'' 

Now how do I build a following or list as they say, what did I have to offer anyone. Firstly my first years in Network marketing was certainly good grounds to start from having read all the books done the works shops and conferences and team building weeks ends. Travelled and spoke the word of NWM. I had become a master at it. Then there is all the learning and training and long hours of computer work to do the same on line and what a journey it has been, I have that to share as well, There is also the understanding of how computers work and could I fix or help someone with an issue. Got that sorted as well I can even ''Take over a PC and work remotely some where across the world, how many times have I done that know 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.... times.

I thought how do I build a list of people and then I thought of all the persons I have met in the 14 years in Network marketing and some personal friends, I could actually build a list. I am thinking to myself these people are not a list and yet I have a list in my diary of friends and many others, I also have a list in my head so what is the difference of a list on line, none. So many friends have been lost over the years as we all move on but how nice could it be if I could keep in contact with everyone with creating a list and then producing something for them to read and stay in the loop, so up came the Newsletter. I created a Newsletter where everything that was going on could be seen in a flash in their in box, keeping them informed in many ways, whether it be a celebration, a meeting, a photo, a story or a business or what ever. Another milestone met and complete.

Then their was the question of how do I get out there into the net without hurting my pocket which was not filling fast of any money, Freebies, there had to be a ton of stuff out there that one could work with just to get started. There is so much one can spend money on but I had to find not for myself but for others as well so they to could get a good start for their business.

Everything from creating an opt in page, landing page etc tools for blasting across the Internet, all sorted. Your lucky though, this I found not to long a go and is a gold chest for you.

Now came a delivery method, what do I use to deliver to what could be a very large list as we know using normal email service is fraught with problems such as the Spam Can act and also mail filters, there was only one thing to and that was to sign up with a mailing system where they could post for me and legally and keep an eye on me and my newsletters never ended not being delivered or arrived in the spam box also being a free account and having enough subscriber room as to not charge me in these early days, thank you Mail Chip who solved all of that, complete with a very good interface to work with. Another milestone done.

Is it over NO it is not, as so far we have no automation for my business and much of it I have to sit and work for a couple of hours, posting this and that, tweaking this and that and thinking of other ideas and ways. Until money is no object then I will start on automating everything I can, and turn 2 hrs into 1/2 hr and how I will do that will be left for another post in the future.

Beats 9 to 5 don't you think. 


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