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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Think small be small -Think big become big

In my first years of network marketing I bought audio tapes, cd's, books, pamphlets, video cassettes, to learn about my industry. And for 10 years I built an off-line catalogue product business which paid me every month and built a team.

It has been 6 years since then, and on-line the success has been a disaster? why is that? well 2 years of learning how to even use a PC and mouse, making mistakes left right and centre but for ever-moving forward.

The marketing side I just followed thousands who did the same and what a disaster that was, all of them are still broke and because I was following them I am no better off than I was when I started online.

It is time to leave the fools road and start punching it. For the past few months now my attention has gone to the 5/6/7/8/ figure earners, what are they doing, how are they doing it, talking to them and sharing secrets, learning new systems and using new tools.

What worked off-line does not work online and I could see a while back this was not going to be easy and finding fact from fiction online was going to be a huge learning curve, I need to do something fast because this fools road is loaded with traps.

Now that I have been working with large income earners and tested some of the systems and tools to prove that they work I am all go and ready to start earning my big income cheques starting next month in my first of 3 high ticket business I am joining. Why 3? I have noticed that the big earners also believe in multiple income streams, but the secret of their success is, they are not at the bottom of the ladder they are at the top of the ladder.

They do not want the small change at the bottom where thousands of others are scraping and struggling, they are wiling to do so much more to have the lifestyle and income that those at the bottom only dream about, but do nothing to achieve it. This is fact, I know because my mind-set was all messed up with garbage that I absorbed because I thought this was the way and because everyone else was doing the same. That is the same thinking when millions wake up to a clock and go to work, that is not what I came on-line for.

Every year and I have said myself and so have thousands of others ''This will be the year'' what a load of crock that is, it is repeat year in and year out and it will happen again and again and for a very simple reason. No one will make any changes what so ever to their thoughts on failure nor learn anything new to help push them forward.

My friends? will soon part company from me or I will them, I cannot follow failure, I will follow success because they know what they are doing and as they say ''Surround yourself with the right people'' Already I have some special friends in my list who would not be there had I not taken on a whole new perspective as to why I am failing in not making a lot of money online.

I am sorry for those that have left the world of Network marketing, believing it does not work, I know it does, but because they followed the wrong people they believe it is, when you constantly lose money in a company or it collapses or it is scam then they are not totally to blame but rather not getting the education that is necessary to learn how to make money is where their fault is.

1. Get educated and updated on what works in systems and tools. Be prepared to spend some money. Do you have any idea what $100 could get you these days. Trust me a ton of info and tools.

2. Find a high ticket business where commissions start at $500
(I know one, where the top commission is $50,000)

3. Surround yourself with the right people, not only will you learn more you will find yourself travelling to many places. And in some cases, just learn even more, while sipping cocktails on a beach.

Learn and earn with me and others. You either start changing the way you are and learn some skills or just carry on as normal.


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