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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Gold money

Gold money

 Open an account and receive gold for joining up

What is bitgold and how does it work?

BitGold is just like paypal except it only utilizes one base currency: weights of gold. The platform superimposes up to 160 different currency values on top of your gold weight allowing you to "think" in your local currency.
The benefits are profound:
1) You are able to peg your labour, goods, services or time to gold which can be stored  in 106 different cities around the world with insurance from Lloyds.
2) You can avoid foreign currency transaction fees entirely as a merchant or someone looking to make a cross-boarder payment. By utilizing a gold as the bridge between two currencies, you are avoiding the banking system and instead transacting through a gold market. This means less fees and instant settlement. With BitGold we are able to move as little as $.03 worth of "value" for only a 1% fee. Settled instantly!
3) You can begin a long-term savings journey with gold which may be accessed for transactions via your GoldMoney MasterCard at any point of sale or ATM machine. We offer the card for free.
The best way to learn about BitGold is to open an account. Use this link and you will get some free gold upon completion of sign up

True Gold Ownership
It’s Your Gold

Every gram of gold in your account is your property: fully reserved, allocated, and redeemable under Bailment Law in Canada as per our Customer Agreement.
Physical for Everyone

BitGold made it easy for anyone to own physical gold. Redeem your gold as physical 10g GoldCubes ® or 1kg Bullion bars. Many Redemption Options

Redeem gold value back to your bank account, credit card, INTERAC, or SEPA at within 1% of official gold price.Tax Tools

Using gold for payments may generate a taxable gain or loss depending on your country of residence. BitGold provides a tax tool for end of year accounting in local currency. 
BitGold – We’re advancing the digital payments revolution by helping people securely acquire, store, and now spend gold with unprecedented simplicity. Accounts are free and can be opened in minutes. BitGold provides users with a secure vault account to purchase and hold gold, the ability to make and receive instant gold payments, and a prepaid card for spending gold at traditional points of sale. Through BitGold’s network of ATM’s customers can fund their accounts with local-currency.

Unprecedented Pricing
Own physical gold at within 1% of the official gold price.
Storage Fees on Us
Free storage at private vaults secured by Brinks in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Toronto, and Zurich, among others.
Multiple Deposit Options
Cash via BitGold ATM, Bank Wire Transfer, All Major Credit and Debit Cards, China UnionPay, INTERAC, and SEPA.
Fully Insured
100% insurance coverage on your gold value through the London market by The Brinks Company.


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