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Thursday, 14 April 2016

If you do not follow successful people, then blame no one for your failure.

If you do not follow successful people 
then blame no one for your failure

Some have sworn at me, some have laughed at me, some do not listen, some will not learn from someone with experience in this industry, after 15 years in this Industry you would think I know a bit about it but no some are far more clever they think but lack any of the skills required to stay and work and become someone in this Industry some can look at me and say thanks Gerald for you hard work and help over the years and those I am happy for and appreciate them, many have taken from me and never gave anything as to even a thank you and sometimes its been small financial help (Never help anyone with finance)
I am going to have the last laugh ( I never knew I would say that one day) but now I can......... If you do not have belief in this industry then you have nothing, it is in the belief in the Industry and of yourself that you can do this ''Never going back'' ''Never packing it in'' keep pushing on....... and I am afraid you have to put faith in others to earn income unless you run your Internet business or MLM business, that is the RISK we all take......
Do not worry about what others say or think, do what you wish to do, wrong or right you will learn from it, experience comes with mistakes and failures. 
Good question to ask yourself - are you the 1 in a hundred?
Did you know that 20% aren't interested unless they can get it right now, and 30% won't wait any longer than tonight. 40% can't be bothered if the payoff is more than a week away, and 60% never stick with anything unless it'll come through this month. 80% lose interest before the season ends, and 90% are gone before the year is over.
In other words, only ten people in a hundred are interested in anything they can't cash out of in a year. Of that ten, only one is emotionally capable of investing continuous effort and time in something that won't be profitable for 5 years or more.
The longer the time, the greater the payoff. 
Tom Hopkins, The Official Guide to Success....... 
Gerald Ballantyne 15 years in MLM


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