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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

“May the power of healing… be with you!”

“May the power of healing… be with you!”

Star Wars movies have fascinated more than a generation of viewers over the past 30 years. Illustrating a fictional universe that mixes philosophy, religion and futuristic technology, in a world where many creatures – half human, half reptile, or humanoid, live. “May the force be with you”, has since imprinted the collective mind, and leaves with us a hope that the ‘dark side’ can be conquered by the power of the good. What also amazingly captured our imagination, was to witness that there could be a force within, taught by apparently the most vulnerable one, Yoda, which could be learned about, and mastered.
Quantum medicine is in some ways, the expression of a similar philosophy; one that conveys that the power of healing is within and can be understood through quantum physics, and mastered by healers, practitioners and doctors. The perception of medicine is shifted from a linear materialistic model, to a model of full potentiality. In this new model, the client/patient can’t be caught in the fatalistic reality of a diagnosis, because in this new vision of reality, there is always the possibility of the impossible, as described in spontaneous healings.
The dark side of medicine today is inherent to the consequence that the human being is perceived as a mechanistic model, where the genes are at the end of the road. The dark side of medicine is denying other alternatives of healing through models of subtle energy. The dark side is to believe in the fatality of a diagnosis or your genes as a determinant factor in the equation of healing; instead of considering the full potentiality that exists within the human being.
Colleges of Natural Medicine and Medical Universities have to embrace the bright side of the knowledge brought forth by Quantum physics; which reveals that beyond matter there is a fundamental and transcendent reality of infinite possibilities. The modern doctor, as well as any individual motivated to reach their full potential, should be educated and trained in how to tackle this spontaneous power of healing within.
“May the power of healing… be with you!”
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By Dr. Paul Drouin

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