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Monday, 25 November 2013

Are you an Amateur or a Professional

 Are you an Amateur or a Professional

Edward Ludbrook My Mentor

The Professional Development Revolution Has Arrived!
What is the key to success in Network Marketing?
The answer is simply 'Confidence in success'.
It is only confidence that will allow you to take the action necessayr to succeed. YET the challenge is that 98% of people will NEVER have enough confidence if they rely on inspiration to success. The 2%ers struggle to understand this yet it is true. 
The only way the 98%ers will have the confidence is through a competence based Professional Development programme and, for the first time ever, we have a complete effective programme where you can learn the Fundamentals. This is the key to you becoming a Professional so you have a choice; to be an Amateur or Professional!
The difference is simple. An amateur relies on luck and passion to succeed where a Professional relies on competence in skills and confidence it creates. A professional can create high performance. A professional can guarantee success. 

Professional Development is the key to success for most people and the first level is what we call a Builder Professional. A 100% Builder has:
  • Mastered the three Basics Skills – Retail, Sponsor Coach
  • Achieved Momentum Growth in their Network
  • Achieved Unstoppable Motivation & Confidence
  • Achieved the Professional Mindset

Start with the Fundamentals
The first step in Professional Development is to master the Fundamentals to provide you with the strong base and confidence you need to succeed. To give you the direction and clarity of action.
The Fundamentals – How to create a High Performance Network and Achieve Unstoppable Momentum has seven simple modules to ensure you have maximum confidence
  1. Guaranteed Success – Why Professionals Win & Amateurs Lose
  2. Be Professional – Mindset, Learning, Communications & Organisation
  3. 100% Committed – How To Have Unstoppable Motivation
  4. Retail Professional – Hot To Build A High Performance Customer Base
  5. Sponsor Explosion – How To Create a Flood Of New People
  6. 100% Coaching – How To Coach People To Confidence & High Performance
  7. Unstoppable Momentum – How To Create Max Speed Duplication That Keeps Growing
This is an online video-based training programme that anyone can easily complete in 90-120 minutes.

FOR $97.00! Money back refund

I am not affiliated nor have any financial gain from the above info, I am sharing this information as my mentor who set me on my way, can also set you on the road to professional status and success.