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Saturday, 3 August 2013

If others can - Why not you - What is your attitude

If others can - Why not you - What is your attitude

When I first started on the Internet I had no clue what to do. Did that stop me investigating, did it stop me from learning because it looked hard, did it stop me when I saw so many real people making a fortune on line and thought I will never be able to do the same. Could I do the same, could I learn everything there is to know to do so. If I can learn to walk on two legs and if I could motivate myself to get on board a 100,000 ton bulk carrier at the age 19 and leave everything I knew behind. Could I go and live in another country far far from home. Could I jump of a 130metre high bridge just for the fun of it. Could I do anything I wanted and succeed at it. The answer was simply.

I know many out there who will make any excuse ''I can't do it''. And you know who you are because I have met some of you. We all have the same brain with a capacity for learning and reprogramming.

Today, most would agree without argument that the potential of the human brain is infinite. Thus, to state that a person uses 10%, 5%, or even 1% of their potential brain capacity (infinity) is overly generous.

I know so many who sit at the bottom step and then they ask me ''why can't I be like you'' I do believe they answer there own question without me saying anything.



Pulling together

And you think you got problems

Now how strong are you, how much motivation do you have,
what is your attitude like

 Learn the lessons and when you forget them come back here
And watch again and again

Don't say you can't -  Just say you can
Nick has married and has children of his own and this is the man who wanted to commit suicide
I do believe he changed his attitude

The above is so perfectly true, reprogramme yourself. I did.


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